Dear Marianna, I would like to thank you for the excellent Nutritionist and Wellness Consultation online course. The material is very professional, interesting and usefull. I’ve never bored while I was learning the course. My teacher, Lilla is such a Pro! She was very helpful, kind and sweet person. I am still in contact with her even if I am done with my course.

My next course will be the Spine Balance Instructor online course with You. Marianna, I am very happy that I am a student of your Academy and I have a chance to learn everything online! You are so very helpful and such a nice person who is always there for me and answers for all of my questions. You gave me so much courage and help, thank you very much! With love, Krisztina”

(P.S. Krisztina also bought our Spine Balance Instructor course and now she is studying with Marianna!)