Jozsef Drocsa

“Carnival Pride is the name of a cruise ship that I work as Fitness Director.” At the beginning of 2006 it was a quiet harbor day, most of the guests rested on the beach when an older lady entered the sport hall somewhat shyly and saw that she seemed insecure, so I went over and asked if I could help. “Susan called,” she told her that her husband had lowered both legs from his knees for his illness, and since then his life has changed very much, her husband is very difficult to walk, she lies in bed, she wanted to care if there is a way to regain her husband And easier to move. I was a bit confused, suddenly I did not know what to say, but we met in the afternoon with an encounter. You’re in, Tony is the gentleman’s name. It was a very nice couple, and after we talked, I realized that Tony was so huge that he could not help walking clean, etc. I promised to make the motion program the next day, which hopefully helps her. I have begun to doubt what would be most appropriate in such a situation. Suddenly, Pilates reminded me to move and regain the feeling of balance better, thinking about rebuilding abdominals because it improves body maintenance while balancing and facilitating everyday exercise (rotation, decision, Stb.) The most important thing was that there was no stool , Yoga mattress and rubber band, no other equipment. The next day we met again and saw the exercises. They were very simple, totally elementary exercises. I tried to perform one or two exercises on both sides of the body to take the first and the lateral muscles of the abdominal cavity and the lower back muscles. We started to lie down, began breathing, slowly, with changed legs, bending the body. Then we were lying next to each other, raised leg members, forward and backward, we finally weighed the trunk, the limb lift and the manual lift (simplified supremacy). While sitting on the chair, I put the rubber band under the bottom of the work and I asked you to start pulling your hand on the rubber to the ground, repeating the biceps, the triceps, the backs, the shoulders, and the bladder exercises. We tried the exercises for three days in a row, and as far as we could repair them, we were able to do it as easily as possible. At the end of the trip we congratulated you, changed your e-mail address and stayed there in writing. For a long time I did not know about it, but two months after the trip Susan wrote that Tony had practiced four times a week and could walk a few hours a day without wandering, lost a bit, but the greatest joy was that she moved easily. Since then, Tony has completely resigned from the walking bar, and I already had a diet, so she went through a lifestyle change and was very happy. That is why I came to Pilates with simple elementary exercises to do just a little attention and willpower, the soul of a disabled person. Thanks to this story I started seriously about the Pilates method! “