CHARLES M. WARE / Executive Director of the Professional Fitness Institute Las Vegas, NV, USA

As a result of Marianna’s expert knowledge, skills, and abilities, and her creative and realistic programming, students worldwide have the opportunity to learn, through dynamic schools and classes, how to enhance their mind, body, and spirit. Through my professional experience with Marianna, her experienced instructors and business owners are just as invigorated by her mental and physical energy as I am. One of Marianna’s greatest attributes is her desire to learn but as a prominent and long-standing business owner it is evident that she also has outstanding leadership skills. What makes Marianna the successful business professional she is today is her positive encouragement and her commitment to the fitness, health, and wellness community. Her drive and focus helps her to stay internally motivated and externally focused on her dream of helping educate individuals in meeting their short and long term health and wellness goals. It is not very rare to see someone so driven and passionate about the success of their business, but what is rare, is the consistency in which someone can perform at such a high expert level. If you want someone to lead you down that road, Marianna Jackson is that person.