Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy offers a unique possibility for you to work on luxury cruise lines! We have been working together with the biggest cruise lines for 7 years in Europe and now in the United States as well.

This is the time to make your dreams come true and work for a cruise line, travel all over the World, meet new people, do business, get a great salary and get amazing, beautiful experiences!

Body ’n’ Soul Wellness Academy’s certifications are accepted by the biggest cruise lines and our students can get Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, or Yoga Instructor jobs on cruise ships!

We are looking for:

Personal Trainers
Pilates Instructors
Yoga Instructors

Job requirements:

  • Be certified by Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy as a Personal Trainer, Pilates Trainer, or Yoga Instructor
  • 18 years old or older
  • Speak in English very well
  • From the US: Be a US citizenWhat B ‘n’ S offers for you:
  • You can learn your course in one on one, weekend, or home study courses
  • We help you to be prepared for the job interview
  • We contact you with the representative of the cruise line