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Body'n'Soul Wellness Academy

Pilates ~ Yoga ~ Holistic Lifestyle


Body’n’Soul Wellness Academy offers internationally recognized Pilates, Yoga, Nutrition, and Health Coach certification courses. If you are passionate about the healthy lifestyle and would like to start a new, exciting carrier in the pilates-yoga-healthy lifestyle world, Body ‘n’ Soul Wellness Academy is the perfect solution for you!


After your successful exam, you can start your carrier anywhere in the World!


You can study in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and with your own goals in mind.


Our online certification courses include “live consultations” with your teachers and you can consult with them any time via e-mail.

Your chance to start a new career!

Build your career with your internationally recognized Body ‘n’ Soul certification, start a new and exciting life, and help others to create a healthy lifestyle!

Learn according to your own schedule!

Study for your certification at your own convenience. Our courses offer you the greatest freedom! While other educational centers are focusing on achieving a higher number of students within a course, we focus on smaller group size, home study programs and private consultations.

Start your professional career!

With an internationally recognized Body ‘n’ Soul certification you can work anywhere in the World. Our graduates are successfully working from Dubai to England, from Australia to the United States. Motivate and help for others to achieve optimal health with the guidance of coaching methods.

Create harmony and balance in your life!

A healthy life balance is not only essential for happiness and well-being, it can be a tremendous boost to your productivity and career or business success as well. Get your B’n’S certification and start your dream life.



My Dearest Marianna, I started to teach the Pilates method and I already have 4 groups in Vienna! I am practising Pilates every single day and I am totally in love with it. I am so proud that I was able to learn from You! Thank you very much for all of your help and for teaching me! With love, Dori


Dear Marianna, I would like to thank you for sending me my Pilates certification so fast. I am so very thankful for you, for your help and your work. I’d like to thank you for your kindness and your courage, you made me more addicted to the Pilates movement and I love it more than before I ’ve met you. You were paying attenction all the way, you answered for all of my questions, you took me very serious. I cannnot say anything else but good words about your online Pilates course, it is excellent, easy to follow and learn with you. I wish you all the Best in your business and private life, good health and much love! With love, Erika


Dear Marianna, I would like to thank you for the excellent Nutritionist and Wellness Consultation online course. The material is very professional, interesting and usefull. I’ve never bored while I was learning the course. My teacher, Lilla is such a Pro! She was very helpful, kind and sweet person. I am still in contact with her even if I am done with my course.

My next course will be the Spine Balance Instructor online course with You. Marianna, I am very happy that I am a student of your Academy and I have a chance to learn everything online! You are so very helpful and such a nice person who is always there for me and answers for all of my questions. You gave me so much courage and help, thank you very much! With love, Krisztina”

(P.S. Krisztina also bought our Spine Balance Instructor course and now she is studying with Marianna!)


Dear Marianna, I would like to thank you for the excellent online Stretching course. I live in Salzburg, Austria and my schedule is so thight, I wasn’t able to take weekend courses in this country. It was a huge help that I could learn everything online from you. I loved the material, everything was so understandable and easy to learn, I loved our consultations online. It also helped me a lot that you told me real examples and you were talking to me about your experiences. I suggest Marianna’s Academy and the online courses! Thanks a lot for your time, patience and professionalism. I am able to use my Stretching Trainer certification here in Austria, I have a beautiful place where I can teach stretching. I can’t wait to start the Pilates Level I. online course with Marianna, soon! Thanks again, Heni


Dear Marianna, I would like to thank you for the online Pilates course and my beautiful Pilates certification that I’ve just got today. I am so happy and I made a great decision for choosing Body ’n’Soul Wellness Academy and You were my Master Trainer and teacher. You have absolutely a huge knowledge on the Pilates field and I hope I can be a great B’n’S teacher. Thank you so much for your support and help, I could turn to you every time when I had questions or concerns. I already miss our online meetings and I am sure, I will sign up for an another online course with you. It is going to be the Pilates Level II. in the near future. Thanks again, I wish you the Best! Gabi

DENNY WEDDLE / Denny Weddle & Associates Marketing Solutions Las Vegas, NV, USA

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Marianna Jackson as the premiere professional in the world of Wellness and Physical Fitness. Along with her beauty and her personification of the perfect figure, she has been a former editor and journalist for Sport Magazine in Budapest, Hungary for a decade with major talent in wellness. She is expertly qualified and has numerous certifications including: Personal Fitness Trainer for Pilates, Rehab, Children, Senior, Aerobic. Multi-talented is her greatest forte and her company, Body ‘n’ Soul is most successful. The ONLY person I would ever recommend in Wellness or Physical Fitness is Marianna…she is the BEST!

Dr. DARIAN PARKER / Director/Founder, Connect to Fitness, Las Vegas, NV

Marianna Jackson is a driven and determined business woman who has made fitness, health and wellness an integral part of her life. While has she created several successful businesses in Europe, her true gift is her glowing personality and tremendous ability to be flexible and available to both clients and friends. If you haven’t met Marianna you definitely should. She is awesome!

CHARLES M. WARE / Executive Director of the Professional Fitness Institute Las Vegas, NV, USA

As a result of Marianna’s expert knowledge, skills, and abilities, and her creative and realistic programming, students worldwide have the opportunity to learn, through dynamic schools and classes, how to enhance their mind, body, and spirit. Through my professional experience with Marianna, her experienced instructors and business owners are just as invigorated by her mental and physical energy as I am. One of Marianna’s greatest attributes is her desire to learn but as a prominent and long-standing business owner it is evident that she also has outstanding leadership skills. What makes Marianna the successful business professional she is today is her positive encouragement and her commitment to the fitness, health, and wellness community. Her drive and focus helps her to stay internally motivated and externally focused on her dream of helping educate individuals in meeting their short and long term health and wellness goals. It is not very rare to see someone so driven and passionate about the success of their business, but what is rare, is the consistency in which someone can perform at such a high expert level. If you want someone to lead you down that road, Marianna Jackson is that person.

Bernadett McCarthy

For me yoga is an additional form of movement along the long run. I find it important that my muscles are not only strong but lazy and flexible. With its loose and elastic muscles, permanent injuries can also be prevented. It was good to master the knowledge of an instructor (Dóri) who is credible, experienced, personally attentive and helpful. Last but not least, during my pregnancy, I was very much helped to keep myself fit, and when I needed to turn my attention even more inward. Even if I did not teach, the course gave great impetus to the practice of yoga which has become part of my daily life ever since.