Personal Trainer Master Certification

When you complete our Personal Master Trainer Certification program you will earn a total of five (5) certifications: Personal Trainer Certification, Advanced Personal Trainer Certification, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant Certification, Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification and the AFPA Master Trainer Certification.

The Master Trainer Certification is a logical progression for achievement oriented personal trainers who would like to set themselves apart from the crowd. Body ’n’ Soul Wellness Academy Master Trainer Certification program offers a unique opportunity to get yourself established as a Certified Master Training professional from one of the leaders in online skill testing and certification.

When you register you will receive the following certifications, plus the Personal Master Trainer certification! You also will get your own Powerboard Fitness equipment!

  • Personal Trainer
  • Senior Fitness Trainer
  • Stretching Trainer
  • Anatomy studies
  • Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant
  • Powerbox Fitness Trainer

Join us and become a Certified Personal Master Trainer!